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RiskManager.ie is your gateway to the Irish Security & Fire Industries

These About Us pages can be quite tedious for the reader so we’ll aim to keep it friendly and simple!

Most of you will already know “About Us” at this stage but for some newbies who stumble upon our website and wonder to themselves “What’s this all about?” 

Here we go:

Established in 2012 RiskManager.ie became the online version of the magazine of the same name…yes we embraced the digital era!!

To be honest we have never looked back, yes we do get occasional queries from the older stalwarts asking us to go back to the magazine days “because they like to have a copy in their briefcase” or “they like the smell of freshly printed magazines”… I jest not!!

The website is current…it’s as simple as that!

When you send in your Industry News, Case Studies, Articles etc. these are all added to the site on the same day...also take note - these are all totally free of charge to you!

Naturally we also have wages to pay and bills just keep on coming so here's how we do this, you can advertise your company with us...Click here for our rates and special offers.

You can also upgrade to a Premium Listing in our Directory, contact us for further details on this. 

If you read to the end, thank you!

We look forward to hearing from you