Premium Listed Companies - News - Siklu Expands UK and Ireland Security Market Reach with Norbain Distribution Agreement

Siklu Expands UK and Ireland Security Market Reach with Norbain Distribution Agreement

July 25, 2017

Siklu Inc., the global market leader in millimeter-wave wireless solutions, have announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Norbain, an arrangement that will greatly expand its reach to security integrators and installers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

As part of the agreement, Norbain will carry and distribute Siklu’s millimeter wave wireless radios for the security market. Norbain is considered one of the largest distributors of CCTV, IP, access control and intrusion detection solutions, primarily focused in the UK and Ireland. The company offers customers training courses, roadshow events and a digital catalogue of products. 

Products offered through Norbain include Siklu’s mmWave EtherHaul™ line of products, which are considered the leading enterprise wireless solution for connecting video surveillance cameras and streaming the data to a central command centre, especially when UK Fibre is not an option. 

In recent months several local authorities in the U.K. have deployed Siklu’s mmWave radios. This includes the City of Cambridge, England, which sought wireless connectivity for the city’s CCTV surveillance system in its town centre. Siklu’s mmwWave radios also served as wireless connectivity solution to ensure uninterrupted streaming for the City of Oakham’s new town-wide, high-definition surveillance system.

Siklu leads the millimeter wave radio market and leverage narrow beams in the uncongested 60, 70/80 GHz spectrum delivering multigigabit connectivity and transmitting information across security networks, providing interference free and secured communication infrastructure. Without bandwidth constraints, Siklu’s multi-gigabit capacity allows tireless connectivity of multiple HD and 4k cameras with no packet loss or jitter. In addition, Siklu’s mmWave radios provide fiber-like performance with the speed and flexibility of a wireless deployment. 

"We’re pleased to add Siklu as our wireless network connectivity partner,” said Mark Field, Supplier Relations Director for Norbain. "Our goal is to partner with the best security solutions providers in the industry and Siklu provides an excellent complement to our portfolio of products to ensure integrators have access to cutting edge technology ” 

“Siklu continues to expand its reach throughout Europe thanks to our new agreement with Norbain,” said Aviram Segal, EMEA Sales Director from Siklu. “Norbain is an important partner that will help ensure integrators have local access to our products and training on the latest wireless video surveillance technologies.” 


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Ireland public broadcasting company selects Vigilant for remote monitoring solution

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Vhi Healthcare recovers €47 million since 2009

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Seychelles International Airport upgraded with ACT

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ISEC 2015 - A Resounding Success

Railway Vandalism: Never Mind the Drones; Double Down on CCTV and Video

The European Locksmith Federation (ELF) Convention 2015, 22nd - 24th of May 2015

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Osec Ireland and Hikvision Digital Technology announce expansion of distribution partnership

RISCO Group announces CSL DualCom partnership

The CLEER switch from Phybridge named best of network support solutions at SIA¹s 2015 new product showcase at ISC West

Linx International invests in Tavcom

The Rise of the Cloud and Mobile and cloud-based security services for Installers

First Pro Express Shop Opens in Ireland


STANLEY Security seminar dates announced for June.

Pyronix Open Day

The PSA will host an information session for Private Investigators on Wednesday, the 27th May 2015 in Dublin

European Locksmith Federation Convention (ELF) 2015

Northwood Technology

Park100 Hosts FAAC Factory Tour and EU Directive Safety awareness day for OPW

Pro Express centre opens in Dublin

Traka Joins Forces With Irish Distributor

SSAIB returns to ExCeL with new CEO



Safety and Security award for Croke Park

The New Threat to Alarm Signalling

Sodexo Ireland


UTC Fire & Security





Facilities Management Awards 2015

Fit Out Conference



Why specify an integrated security system?

Southwest Microwave agree distribution partnership with Sigcom of Dublin

Hikvision is pleased to introduce their exclusive Valued Added Solution Partner (VASP) program in Ireland


Fighting Fire With Fire

ACT to hold CPD accredited course


IC Realtime

Milestone Launches New Blog Site

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BFT Academy Presents: Gate safety compliance training

Southwest Microwave Awarded CPNI Certification

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Open Day with OSEC & Pyronix

WebWay are bringing the security industry together at a series of events in September & October

MOBOTIX Training Day

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Usee Becomes an Accredited Supplier of Irisys People Counting Technology

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GJD Manufacturing launches its new website

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90% of shop owners have been the victims of Retail Crime in the last year

Pharmacies Across Country Under Attack From Criminals

Honeywell Acquires Xtralis, A Leader of Early Fire and Intrusion Detection Technologies

Regulatory Impact Analysis - Licensing the Locksmith Sector of the Private Security Industry - February 2016

GSD announces integration of its Access Control system with HikVision DVRs and NVRs

NEW VMS MxMc One-Day Training Free-Of-Charge

Effectively securing critical infrastructure with a combination of thermal and low light surveillance cameras

Alarms and CCTV hold no fear for burglars

Securefast are pleased to announce the opening of Securefast Ireland

Brink’s to exit cash-in-transit market in Ireland

Lenel Demonstrate Integrations With FST Biometrics at United Technologies HQ Dublin

Samsung Techwin Europe launches multi-platform website

Honeywell Acquires RSI Video Technologies, A Leading Provider Of Intrusion Detection With Video Verification

Delta Communications are very pleased to announce the launch of Ireland's first and only Private Sector Safety Network

Security Companies Join Forces To Help Lone Workers ‘Keep Safe’

Crime Prevention Day of Action March 14th

Carbon Monoxide (CO) What is it? Why is it so Dangerous?

Executive Alarms has installed ACT access control equipment at All Souls College, University of Oxford.

SuperValu CCTV – Increase safety, security and business revenue

Revader Security makes CCTV debut in Ireland

The ez Management team win the 2016 'Best Innovative Business' Award

Xtralis VESDA-E smoke detectors and PRO E-PIR detectors win MTP Gold Medals

Panasonic launches European Solutions Company

Industry Leader Continues Growth and Innovation under New Name

Axis cameras capture ground-breaking elephant sleep study at Dublin Zoo

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New CEN appointment gives Ireland a voice on European Standards for safes and vaults

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How to reduce Fraud Risk - Part 1

Revival of The North – South Challenge Golf Tournament

Just in time for Brexit - New Safe And Vault Rating Recommendations For The Republic Of Ireland

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False arrest, ego and the perils of temptation

Board of Governors for Academic Standards

Stanley Security the official partner of Synel Industries UK in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Biometric Access Control For ISO 27001 Accreditation

Lenel announce their new live demonstration facilities in United Technologies Fire & Security HQ in CityWest

Tavcom reports global interest in CCTV over IP Networking eLearning course

CSL Management Team Re-Invests With Norland, ICONIQ and RIT Capital Partners.

Employee vetting – it’s not just criminal history you need to check

CEM Systems announces winners of EMEA Business Partner of the Year Awards 2016

Vodafone UK Signs New 10-Year Deal With CSL To Provide IoT Platform For Critical Connectivity

Tech Show 2016

Safeguarding: A new era in nightclub security

Ireland's National IP Experience Conference 2016

How to Reduce Fraud Risk Part 2...

Wavestore Certification Technical Training Course

Pulse Join Forces with Gardaí

Vanderbilt to Acquire Dublin-based Access Control Technology (ACT) Ltd.

Mercury on the Rise with Housing Executive Contract

The North South Golf Challenge Tournament

RSPL Technology Day 2016

SSAIB unveils new series of Regional Forum events

Manguard Plus Ltd puts customers first and is awarded WorldHost Recognised Business status

The ‘need to know’ of safe deposit boxes

85 new jobs at Netwatch announced by An Taoiseach

How to Reduce Fraud Risk - Part 3....Consequences

Network security excellence recognised at Axis Partner Conference with Irish partner award wins

The Undesigned Fire

Visual Management Systems and Veracity help Shannon Airport benefit from ultra-reliable CCTV capture with COLDSTORE™ technology

Lux Intelligent shortlisted for Lux Awards 2016

Dahua Announces Integration with Ivideon

ACT CPD Seminar at the AVIVA Stadium in Dublin

Vanderbilt Finalizes Acquisition of Access Control Technology Ltd.

ISEC 2017

How Automatic Number Plate Recognition is Helping Irish Business Owners

Tyco Case Study

Abloy UK Take Over the Aviva Stadium in Ireland

Through the Eyes of the Installer - The Dahua ANPR Camera

Mindfulness for Security Operatives

French Fire Brigade Secured by ACT

The ISIA Awards Ceremony 2016

Hikvision Inaugural VASP Partner Day

Net2 Provides a Secure Integrated Solution with Student Enrolment for Marino

Top 10 Christmas gifts for the Security Operative in your life

Wireless Fire Detection – More popular than ever

HID Global Predicts Top Trends for 2017 in the Identity Technology Industry

Campus Security

Visualint Appoints Aldous Systems as UK & Ireland Security Distributor

AES Open Day

Using the Cloud to Build Business

Case Study: Luxury Retailer Brown Thomas Selects best-in-class security software from TDS

84% of small businesses call for intelligent video surveillance as existing systems fail to protect premises

Crime Against Pharmacies Reaching Crisis Levels

Irish Distribution Partnership For ievo

The licensing of contractors providing locksmith services becomes mandatory today February 1st

GSD Open Day...February 9th

Clay by SALTO is now SALTO KS

ADI Global Distribution and Hanwha Techwin form strategic alliance

Fire Commissioning Certificates and Levels of Fire Alarm Systems for Irish business explained

Public Consultation on the Requirements for Training Providers

EQA leading the way in ARC Certification

Biometric Scans Comply With Impending Privacy Legislation

Irish Fire Extinguisher Regulations and what you need to know!

Visonic named Supplier of the Year

Hanwha Techwin announce enhanced warranty program at Wisenet conference

Advanced showing its fire systems at ISEC Ireland

Abloy UK hosts Access Control Seminar at ISEC 2017

Using the Cloud to Build Business

SAR Group co-develop training programme specific to healthcare security services to be developed

Turn up the heat with thermal cameras

TD's and Senators told retail crime is on the increase

How network video can support suicide prevention on the rail network

Case Study: ievo Products Provide Biometric Access Solution For Interior Developers

Wireless CCTV Security for Hospital Car Parks

National Automation (Faac Ireland) at ISEC 2017

Current and Future Trends in Retail Crime

Fire rated and Escape doors...Are you sure you're fulfilling your legal requirements?

McElwaine Security Services Ltd announced today it has merged with Dublin-based company R.A.S Group

RWL Security Division and OSEC Ireland announce merger to form Ireland’s largest distributor of security products.

ISEC Organiser Ann Daly has just been awarded Fellowship of the Security Institute

ISEC 2017...Another successful show!!

Harvey Norman's security chief: 'I've caught nuns, priests and neighbours shoplifting'

People & Technology - Our New Leadership Mix

Education Security Advisory Programme launched to tackle crime & enhance compliance in schools and FE

PSA Requirements for Electronic Security – Access Control

Summer Security – Ensuring Your Home is Protected

Security Industry to Increase Pay

Show me the money – The impact of the new security ERO

Abloy UK Launches Telecom Security White Paper

Merrion Vaults invests €1.17m in Newcastle facility

Surviving the downturn made us leaner

Through The Eyes of The Installer - CCTV and Access Control Systems

Genie & Midwich announce their premier partnership

Stab vests, crash helmets and other things that might get you hurt

The Security Institute of Ireland is pleased to announce the election of Larry Quinn as its 13th President

Noonan has been acquired by publicly-listed South African group Bidvest

Mercury toasts success with new Harvey Norman contract