Northwood Technology Introduces Hanwha Vision’s A Series

Advanced Security Solutions for SMBs

Northwood Technology, a leading supplier and security distributor, is proud to showcase the A Series from Hanwha Vision. This innovative range of cameras and NVRs is tailored for small to medium-sized sites across retail, hospitality, and commercial sectors. Designed with the user in mind, the A Series provides affordable, high-quality security solutions without compromising on features.

Versatile Camera Options for Enhanced Security

The A Series presents fourteen camera models in dome, bullet, and flat eye designs, available in 4MP and 2MP resolutions. Noteworthy for their NDAA compliance, these cameras guarantee trusted cybersecurity measures. Certified for outdoor use with an IP66 rating, they ensure durability against environmental elements.

Northwood Hanwha Techwin

Cutting-edge Features for Superior Monitoring

These cameras offer maximum frame rates of 30fps, along with built-in IR and lens distortion correction for crystal-clear imagery. True Wide Dynamic Range and Hallway View features adapt to various lighting conditions and narrow spaces, ensuring optimal coverage. The ANE-L7012L model introduces a warm white light feature to enhance night-time security and deter unwanted activities, backed by intelligent video analytics for precise incident detection and alerts.

Intelligent Video Analytics for Proactive Security

Hanwha Vision’s A Series is equipped with licence-free intelligent analytics, significantly reducing false alarms while enhancing situational awareness. These analytics allow for custom alarm triggers in specific zones, providing real-time alerts and facilitating rapid security responses. Enhanced with bookmark search, operators can swiftly locate crucial footage for investigation.

Robust NVR Solutions for Comprehensive Coverage

Complementing the cameras are the A Series NVRs, supporting up to 4K resolution monitoring. These NVRs offer various access options, including P2P connections via QR code, Wisenet Viewer for desktop monitoring, and a mobile app for on-the-go surveillance, ensuring that security operators can maintain oversight from anywhere.

Affordable Quality for Diverse Security Needs

By choosing Hanwha Vision’s A Series, Northwood Technology offers security professionals a blend of affordability, reliability, and advanced features, ensuring a safer environment.

Explore our full range of Hanwha Vision products or connect with our expert team for personalised recommendations and support. Reach out to us today to find out how the A Series can revolutionise your security strategy.


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