Cloudforests CoolPartner Planting Day 2023

Planting Day 2023 Is Happening On The 14th Of November 2023 At Cloudforest One


Cloudforest One is the first forest site Cloudforests purchased in 2020 and is located just five minutes south of the County Clare Town of Lahinch. Lahinch is famous for surfing, sea food and of course it has a wonderful golf course you may have heard of?

On The Day

Cloudforests are planning to create a Miyawaki Forest which will contain over 1000 native irish trees and shrubs at a location on the site. You will get to see the methodology developed by John Kiberd from their Stepping Stone Forests Initiative.


There will be an opportunity to tour our first site and see our native gift tree grove, bee hives, miniature bat caves and hopefully witness the many birds and even Kevin the Kestrel who has made Cloudforest One his home.

The Benefits of Integrating Nature into Business Decision-Making

In recent years, businesses have started to recognise the value of integrating nature into their decision-making processes. The growing awareness of the importance of preserving natural capital and ecosystems has led to a shift in corporate strategies and policies. This article explores the benefits of integrating nature into business decision-making, highlighting the importance of understanding and addressing the impacts of business activities on the environment, and the potential positive outcomes for businesses that prioritise nature.


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Cloudforests Ceo Bernard Pender Planting a giant redwood on our site in North Clare – Cloudforest Four with Kim Lake

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