CSL Announce New Partnership with Comelit-Pac

Comelit-PAC has partnered with CSL to use its IoT SIMs for ensuring secure connectivity for access control systems. CSL’s roaming, fixed, and mobile IP SIMs will be utilized for Comelit-PAC’s 4G PAC and GDX LTE site routers, providing them with a reliable connection solution. This partnership will enable Comelit-PAC to access its control systems with ease saving time, cost and resources while offering peace of mind that their security systems are always monitored.

Comelit-PAC has chosen CSL for providing a fully managed service and a strong commitment to installers. The collaboration aims to offer unmatched services to customers and excel in the transactional space. CSL’s support will enable Comelit-PAC to enhance its capabilities and provide exceptional customer experiences ensuring secure connectivity for access control systems. The partnership between the two industry leaders is expected to foster growth and innovation while strengthening their positions in the market.

Steve Riley, Division Director of Comelit-PAC, commented: “Trust is paramount in the digital landscape. We’ve chosen CSL as our Access Control connectivity partner because they embody the highest standards of reliability and security. This partnership marks a significant step forward for us, and we’re beyond excited to bring our customers the benefits of this collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this incredible journey with CSL by our side”

Pictured above is CSL’s Sales Director, Rob Evans and Steve Riley, Division Director of Comelit-Pac.

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