Did you know about the following reasons to use Aritech Video Solutions?


Aritech offers a very wide range of video solutions from IP network cameras with built-in analytics to ANPR, Multi-Imaging, Thermal and People Counting cameras and much, much more.

Quality Matters

  • Aritech only uses the highest quality components and materials
  • 24-hr camera burn-in and 6-month recorder regression testing
  • ​​​​​​We respect privacy >
    Identify: we make sure you know where personal data is kept
    Comply: we manage processing, access to and deletion of personal data to comply with data subject requests
    Protect: we establish security procedures to protect personal data
    Record: we keep a record of the procedures
    Monitor: we prevent data breaches and report them



All IP-based hardware and software products are put through stringent security testing to mitigate potential network vulnerability security breaches to protect the integrity of your installed video network as well as that of your customers.

Benefits of Aritech technology, in accordance with IT best practices, include using a secure lifecycle development mode for Aritech video products: SDLC (Secure Development Lifecycle). The SDLC not only allows us to contain cyber threats from product design to launch, but also to minimize them after launch. The structure of our equipment supports the transport data in HTTPS as well as the 802.1X protocol. The native OH link between the recorder and the control unit optimizes the level of security.

True Aritech Integration

  • Seamless integration using a range of Aritech products with no  third-party intervention
  • Integrate Aritech video with Aritech intrusion detection, access control and fire solutions providing an enhanced user experience for your clients


Third-Party Applications

  • Aritech cameras are and continue to be compatible with ONVIF
  • Validated with Milestone XProtect® video management system
  • Plugin-free web browsers: in addition to Microsoft® Edge, the cameras can also be accessed and configured with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and with Safari for Apple® Mac that do not support ActiveX Plugins


Video Management Software

TruVision® Navigator provides users of Aritech recorders and cameras with an intuitive and feature-rich video management package. The product also integrates with IFS network switches and Aritech intruder control panels for a total management experience of the IP video system. TruVision Navigator has a scalable architecture and can be installed as a standalone software or as a client/server system for multi-site applications.

About the Carrier Aritech Brand

Aritech provides leading security and life safety solutions for both commercial and residential applications covering intrusion, video, transmission, and access. Offering some of the most trusted product names in the industry, and backed by ongoing partner services and support, Aritech helps customers secure and protect what matters most. Aritech is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, a leading global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions.  For more information, visit www.aritech.com or follow us on LinkedIn @Aritech.

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