Electric locking: Which is the right solution for the application?

The following questions can be used as a basis to understand the requirements and allow correct specification of an electric locking solution:

  1. Is the door an escape door, and if so, what is the defined direction of escape through the specific door?
  2. Is the door fire rated? If so, what is the rating (if new build what door core is proposed)?
  3. What is the door configuration – single leaf, double leaf, leaf & half, single action or double action?
  4. What is the door/frame material – timber, steel, composite, aluminium etc.?
  5. What is the defined risk – Panic (EN 1125) or Emergency (EN 179) in each direction of escape? (This defines whether a panic bar, push pad or lever handle can be used, some doors are escape in both directions)
  6. Security – what is the physical security requirement the door needs to achieve?
  7. Is the door access controlled in the direction of escape or is the door free egress in the direction of escape?
  8. Is there a Time Delay required in the direction of escape?
  9. What are the aesthetic requirements?
  10. Is the door to be automated opening?
  11. Is the locking required to Fail Locked or Fail unlocked?

The above questions should be answered on a door-by-door basis to identify the correct solution to use, and the fire/escape strategy document should then be updated to record the defined requirement as part of the holistic strategy for the building.

This is a requirement under regulation 38, for this critical life safety information to be passed to the building owner / occupier, end user so that the building can be operated and managed correctly.

In a new build scenario, many of the answers will be present in the documents provided by the project design team, such as the door schedule, fire strategy and escape plan. For a retrofit application the answers may need to be provided by the responsible person and the fire safety information they have available.

The above questions should be answered by a knowledgeable and ‘competent’ person either from the consultant team, design team or end user client team.For further information on compliant electric locking solutions, please visit: www.abloy.com

Or contact Roy Buckingham Dip.GAI Reg.AI M.InstAI on 07976 744 678, or via roy.buckingham@abloy.co.uk.

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