ERO Increase Update

One of Ireland’s leading security companies has taken the decision to increase its staff’s salaries, despite the decision by the Employment Regulation Order to postpone its conclusion on any increases for security personnel.

Manguard Plus has announced it is increasing its hourly rate for employees on its sites in a move that is being seen as positive, progressive and decisive.

Sean Hall, CEO Manguard Plus says “Manguard Plus is all about providing the best service to our clients and this can only be provided by the best people. As a company, Manguard Plus is constantly striving for excellence, and supporting our work colleagues is central to this ethos. Our colleagues go about their roles in a thorough and conscientious manner and they richly deserve renumeration for this. We firmly believe that colleagues who are appreciated add significant value to a company, and this is why we have decided to apply a 0.40 cent site bonus to all our sites, despite a postponement on a decision to increase salaries for security personnel by the new Employment Regulation Order (ERO). The site bonus reflects the proposed increase to the basic hourly rate from €11.65 to €12.05”.

We took the decision to consult with our clients and SIPTU and can now confirm that Manguard Plus will be increasing the site allowance for all our sites by 0.40 cents per hour, to reflect the proposed increase in the ERO. We are paying this increase as a site allowance, applicable for every hour worked by all employees. Should the ERO be enacted at a later date, we will remove the 0.40 cent site allowance and incorporate it into our colleagues basic hourly rate”.

Manguard Plus will be applying this increase, which will be backdated to the 1st of October 2021, in the next couple of weeks

We want to warmly thank our clients who have supported us in this endeavour; it is their ongoing commitment and trust in Manguard Plus that has allowed us to reward our loyal and dedicated staff”.

Regarding any decision on salaries for security personnel by the ERO, Sean Hall said “Currently, there is a hearing date set down for the 18th of November 2021 and we await the outcome of this”.

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