International Private Security Exchange, 29th & 30th of September 2021

This event is based on the communication and transmission of knowledge and the capacity for collaboration and innovation among Private Security professionals. Creating solid and accurate ties and experiences. Improve performance, coordination and prevention capacity, evolution from lessons learned. In short, continuous learning is a way to perform in excellence as well as the expansion of professional networks. Eighteen Lectures from different countries.

The event will be delivered mostly in Spanish. Transcripts will be sent in English and Spanish. An auxiliary sound channel could be available to support translation.

20 minutes: Exposition per Lecturer (TEDX RULE) 5-10 minutes: Open questions

TED organizers reached the conclusion that 18 minutes works best. Nobody, no matter how famous, wealthy, or influential is allowed to speak more than 18 minutes on a TED stage—it doesn’t matter if your name is Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, Bono, or Tony Robbins, who joked that he found the 18-minute rule extra challenging because his shortest seminar was 50 hours.


Private Security has crossed borders and has gone global. In an interconnected and interdependent world, we face problems of a marked transnational nature. Today, more than ever, collaboration and mutual knowledge is necessary goal to understand and overcome increasingly persistent and multi-vector threats. Private security professionals must share experience, value, and knowledge for the sake of greater efficiency and cooperation. Specific realities are becoming closer and closer, and the evolution of risks requires a holistic and preventive vision. New security professionals must be proactive.

It is an added value in the security of Europe, where its effectiveness is seen in services such as transport of prisoners in Switzerland, electronic supervision of prisoners in Turkey, maritime protection against piracy activities in Spain and the security of health services throughout the European continent.

Interconnecting professionals, trends, innovations, problems, solutions, and several points of view.

Integrity, collaboration, teamwork, innovation, networking.

Included in the impressive line up of lecturers are two representatives from Ireland:

Terry Conlon:
Post Graduate Certificate from the University of Portsmouth in Security Management
CPTED Professional Designation (NICP)
ALICE Active Shooter Instructor
Peace Commissioner

Topics: Presentation on the holistic benefits of mechanical, physical and CPTED security combined and how they complement one another.


John Magee:
Tutor of security studies at Cavan Institute since 2002
Health & Safety, University College Dublin (2005)
Security and Risk Management, University of Leicester, UK (2009)

Topics: Training, upskilling, legislative knowledge and progression within the security sector and future course development.







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