Pat Jefferies Awarded as ABLOY Trusted Advisor 2022

The International Summit event held at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on October 13-14th was iconic for several reasons. In addition to the fact that the event was ABLOY’s first big on-site international event after the corona virus, it was also the first time awarding the Trusted Advisor of the Year.

With standing ovations, the award was presented to the one and only Pat Jefferies, the Commercial Director of ABLOY UK, a man with trust in his DNA with over 25 years of experience at ABLOY.

The roots of the award, previously known as Salesman of the Year, go back all the way to the year 1988. However, the new name better describes ABLOY’s work as a developer of total solutions that understand client’s needs and operations instead of just offering products. The same applies to Pat himself, who describes the meaning of the award as follows:

“In the old world we would simply take and order and sell. Today, we have a very diverse sales team with a lot of different specialists and abilities to really understand the customers’ business and needs. Only this way we can deliver the best solution that provides not the most money, but the best possible safety and reliability for the customer. In the end, it’s not about selling the product itself, but the solution the product provides to make the customers’ life easier, safer and better”.

One for the team

Jefferies’ 25-year work history at ABLOY includes quite a growth story from Sales Representative to National Sales Manager and ABLOY Academy Director to the current role as Commercial Director. As the ABLOY jury justifies the trouper’s selection as Trusted Advisor of 2022, over the years Jefferies has pioneered the Electric Locking compliance message in the UK for over a decade and this way managed to find a way to drive even more ABLOY Electric Lock sales.

Not to mention that Jefferies has been a passionate and loyal driver of the ABLOY brand in the UK for over 25 years and has contributed to the growth of many ABLOY personnel within UK region. The man himself states that the award does not belong to him alone, but to the entire ABLOY UK team.

Only the nomination itself was a big recognition that our whole team can be extremely proud of. Winning the award is a great recognition for years of long-term work”.

The mission is simple

After all these years, the driving force behind Jefferies’ work remains the same: making the world a safer place to live.

“I believe it’s the same mission that unites us all through the worldwide ABLOY family, and that is what gives the work meaning every day. It’s great to know that the buildings we’ve worked in are safe and people can get in and out no matter the situation. I’ve worked for several companies, but I’ve never been as proud of a brand as I’m at ABLOY, which stands for high quality and reliability for everyone,and in the UK the brand is recognised by everyone who are serious about their security.”

New goals for the future

During his career, Jefferies has witnessed the company’s growth both internationally and in the UK market. Whether talking about the ABLOY Academy trainings or the sale of ABLOY Electric Locks, the demand for both is completely different than it was a couple of decades ago. Despite the success, the man still has some goals for the coming years.

25 years ago I was excited selling two electric locks. Now we are talking 200-2000 locks per project. At the same time, ABLOY Academy’s training and speaking engagements are more in demand than ever. After driving growth in the electric lock market, we need to start looking beyond doors. Wireless locking, electronic cylinders, access control systems, systems’ communication and integrations across industry boundaries for common good this is the ecosystem we must now focus on driving forward”.

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