Kildare Woman First in Ireland To Pass Prestigious Professional Exam


A Co. Kildare woman has become the first female in Ireland to pass one of the most coveted professional examinations in the security industry.

Claire Regan, from Newbridge,  who is an Account Manager with Manguard Plus, passed the CSSM (Certified in Security Supervision & Management) examination awarded by International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO), a recognised highly sought-after certification.

Speaking at a ceremony organised to present the certification, Claire said “This certification is so important for my career and passing it has made all the hard work and study  worthwhile. This exam was tough and is recognised as a very difficult exam, so to pass it is a huge personal and professional milestone for me”.

“Manguard Plus is recognised as leading the way when it comes to upskilling and training staff and I am so grateful for their ongoing support and guidance and the opportunities they have given me.  A career in Security is a highly demanding, interesting and varied path and I would recommend it to anyone. There are real opportunities for professional advancement in security In particular I would love to see more women coming into the industry. As it stands, only 11% of women work in the Irish security industry. I would encourage any woman to look into our sector for real opportunities and career advancement. It is a fascinating and fast-moving industry, one that definitely offers rewards and flexibility, and I am so glad it is my chosen field”.

Congratulating Clare on her achievement, Managing Director of Manguard Plus, Sean Hall said “Claire has put in a huge job of work to get this certification. She has shown huge determination to get this highly prized professional accreditation under her belt, she has great character and kept going. She is one of life’s learners. The CSSM Exam is incredibly difficult to pass as it has a very high bar, one that is very tough to reach with a pass mark of 70%. I’m both proud of Claire as one of Manguard Plus’ highly respected staff members and delighted that she has made a bit of history in the Irish Security Industry being the first woman in the country to pass this particular exam. She is a credit to us”

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