NSAI public consultation – fire detection and alarm systems


NSAI is hosting a public consultation for the draft I.S. 3218:202x – Fire detection and alarm systems

Public consultation period: From 25th of April until 25th of July, inclusive.

The scope of the draft Irish Standard

This document gives guidelines for the planning, design, installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems in premises including those used for residential/domestic purposes.

Content of the draft:

The draft contains the following Schedule:

·        Clause 1: Scope

·        Clause 2: Normative References

·        Clause 3: Terms and definitions

·        Clause 4: Assessment of needs

·        Clause 5: Planning and design

·        Clause 6: Installation

·        Clause 7: Initialization and configuration

·        Clause 8: Commissioning, acceptance and verification

·        Clause 9: User responsibilities

·        Clause 10: Maintenance

·        Clause 11: Modification of an installed system

·        Clause 12: Operation of other fire protection systems

·        Clause 13: Applications in special risks

·        Clause 14: Hierarchical and networked systems

·        Clause 15: Fire detection and alarm systems in dwellings

View the draft and submit comments:

All interested parties are invited to comment on the draft I.S. 3218:202x – Fire detection and alarm systems through the NSAI “Your Standards Your Say” (YSYS) forum below.

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