Pay Rise For Security Officers As Long Awaited Pay Rise To Be Enacted

The announcement that Security Officers are expected to receive their first industry pay rise in four years has been welcomed by Manguard Plus, Ireland’s largest privately owned Irish security company.

Some 16,000 security officers had been waiting for this welcome news following a protracted delay on the enactment of the ERO (Employment Regulation Order) as a result of three companies objecting and taking out a High Court Injunction.

Under this latest ERO, the minimum pay will now be set at €12.90 per hour, up from €11.65.

Security Officers working for Manguard Plus had received a boost to their pay however as the company took the unprecedented decision to  increase the hourly rates by 0.40 cents per hour for its staff, to reflect what had been proposed in the ERO.

Today Sean Hall, CEO of Manguard Plus welcomed the news for the entire sector saying, “We welcome the news that the Minister of State for Employment Affairs Neale Richmond is expected to sign the long awaited ERO this week. This is a long overdue boost to the professional Security sector. Security Officers work long and tiring hours in very demanding positions where they are required to be responsive to all sorts of incidents and situations. It’s a challenging career and as such we passionately believe that security officers should be renumerated accordingly”.

“Paying somebody his or her due is all about fairness and recognition first and foremost and secondly, it’s about setting an industry standard. If the security industry is serious about attracting and retaining the best people who are diligent, hardworking and good representatives for the sector, we have to pay them accordingly. At Manguard Plus we are all about providing the best service to our clients and this can only be provided by the best people. Our colleagues go about their roles in a thorough and conscientious manner and they richly deserve renumeration for this. As the ERO was held up by objectors, we took the unprecedented decision in consultation with our clients and SIPTU to increase the hourly rates by 0.40 cents per hour, to reflect what had been proposed in the ERO. We paid this increase for every hour worked by all employees”. 

“This means that although the ERO was not enacted at the time none of the Manguard Plus employees were at a loss as their pay has been suitable increased to reflect the proposed changes”.

As a company we are not interested in a race to the bottom, we are consistently trying to improve and professionalise the entire security industry and give clients the absolute best possible service” .

“Our colleagues are our representatives on sites and they have responded so positively to their pay increase and know that it is a decision taken single headedly by Manguard Plus. They appreciate the fact that we appreciate them and have shown this in a practical and tangible manner”. 

“As a company we invest heavily in both attracting and retaining staff; we pay for their PSA Licences (Private Security Authority), we train them fully to the highest standards and we are recognised as being to the fore of professionalising the entire industry through ongoing education. We do this because we believe in our industry, our clients and our people”.  

“The ERO for the security workers is a matter or supreme importance for the entire security sector. We are delighted it is expected to be finally signed into law this week”.  

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