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South Dublin Chamber of Commerce is the accredited Chamber of Commerce for South Dublin County. Operating out of Tallaght’s Business Park, the Chamber’s building hosts 32 other business across multiple industry sectors.


The Whitestown Business Park is home to 32 small and medium-sized businesses, all of whom lease the premises from the South Dublin Chamber of Commerce (SDCC). One of the key responsibilities of SDCC is to keep the open plan campus safe.

The maintenance team, which his headed up by Daniel Malicki at Whitestown Business Park was given the opportunity to take a fresh look at how the fire and security was being managed. At the time the man-guarding solution (carried out by three personnel) was becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to employ due to the type of role and shift work.

After a visit from the Sharp Group team and further risk mitigation discussions, it was deemed more sensible to move towards an automated fire and security system that would protect the whole site more effectively and efficiently.


Our brief was to provide both fire and security services by installing an IP CCTV camera system around the perimeter and to undertake annual maintenance of the system every year. Due to the 24/7/365 monitoring service provided by our Central Monitoring Station, maintenance of the CCTV system is in fact much more frequent. The Live View functionality allows us to address any potential maintenance issues before they arise.

Following a site visit and feasibility study, we provided a fail-safe strategy that would see the 42,000 sq. ft. site monitored centrally from our control room in Dublin.

This new system also helped to provide reassurance to those working on the site during out of usual office hours. The cameras are all installed with speakers and built-in movement detection (analytics) to ward off any unwanted intruders.

The response time to site is five minutes, providing further support to the SDCC and its tenants.


  • An IP CCTV system has been installed to allow full viewing facilities and negating any blind spots. There are now 15 cameras surrounding the 42,000 sq.ft. grounds with analytic capabilities should an intruder try to hack or damage the equipment.
  • Once the camera sensors are set off, our Central Monitoring Station is alerted and can investigate remotely using Live View or Playback, and using the Talk-Down Speakers which are strategically located throughout the site.
  • If an escalation is required, our security personnel can arrive on site within five minutes.
  • Every single door has an intruder alarm sensor. The intruder alarm is now set and unset remotely by our Central Monitoring Station, providing further efficiencies.
  • Sharp Group also provides fire alarm maintenance four times a year, where a thorough review and check is undertaken.


“What I find really with security businesses is that it is very hard to get someone at the end of the phone and there is no personal interaction. As an organisation, we need personal interaction and a supplier that understands that every client’s requirements are different. If you have the personnel like you have in Sharp with the one stop shop from cameras to 24/7 security monitoring and regular fire alarm monitoring too, then why go anywhere else? These qualities are really important to us.”

“Obviously, they have been used to a person being on site and the tenants got to know them. However, one of our tenants who has been in the building for 28 years came in last week to talk to our CEO. This tenant comes in to work in the middle of the night. His words were “This new system is great, I even know the security team on first name terms. They are always at the end of the phone or screen!”

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