Ajax Systems introduce new CCTV products with different approach to privacy

Ajax Systems’ fifth Ajax Special Event showcased the latest devices and new software features, with the company expanding into new product verticals. Known for its global intrusion market success, Ajax Systems has added entirely new product offerings to its portfolio in recent years. The online event aimed to provide updates on the company’s latest innovations and offerings to its customers

Also, the company has unveiled significant enhancements to its intrusion and fire range, delving deeper into high-security solutions and updating its fire product series in response to various markets demands and stringent standards of the fire sector.

Consistent with their drive for innovation, Ajax Systems has integrated collaborations with other industry giants and demonstrated how innovative wired communication can modernize old, inconvenient security systems.

Now meeting Grade 3 standards, Ajax offerings are poised to reshape industry benchmarks. Additionally, the company introduced its new motto ‘Rule Your Space’, which becomes the basis of Ajax’s new communication platform and reflects company’s commitment to empowering individuals with complete control over their spaces, providing security, convenience, and freedom without boundaries.

Full details on all the innovations announced on the day can be found here 

Ukraine’s pivotal role in shaping the future of security. Ukrainian security industry joins the European club of video surveillance manufacturers, standing alongside Sweden, Germany, the UK, and now — Ukraine.

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