Carrier is pleased to announce that their Aritech Advisor Advanced control panels are now CPNI approved


Carrier offer a number of Aritech Intrusion products which are CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) approved.  Our Advisor Advanced control panels have undergone rigorous testing, and have now been approved for use on high risk sites, protecting the Critical National Infrastructure.

The CPNI is the UK Government’s technical authority, and their role is to protect UK National security against terrorism and espionage within a total of thirteen different National Infrastructure sectors (such as Government, Defence, Energy, Finance, Transport and Water etc).

Our Advisor Advanced range is a complete family of control panels that all share the same features, software and peripherals, and only differ in enclosure size, number of zones and number of areas.

Advisor Advanced control panels are designed for use within PD6662:2010/2017 Grade 3 (Class II indoor) Installations. There are 3 panel models available, offering up to 512 zones, and 64 areas. The smallest 32 Zone panel requires the addition of an extra microswitch (ATS-MM-TK)  to comply with Grade 3 and CPNI requirements.

The approved items can be seen on the CSE website here.

The full list of CPNI approved Advisor Advanced panels and peripherals is shown below:

  • ATS1500A-IP-MM: 32 Zone control panel, 4 Areas, Grade 2/3
  • ATS3500A-IP-MM: 256 Zone control panel, 8 Areas, Grade 3
  • ATS4500A-IP-MM: 512 Zone control panel, 64 Areas, Grade 3
  • ATS-MM-TK: Rear tamper microswitch for ATS1500A-IP-MM (required for Grade 3)
  • ATS608: 8-way input expander, Plug-on
  • ATS626: 16-way output expander, Plug-on
  • ATS1201E: 8 Zone expander, 3A Smart PSU, Medium case
  • ATS1204E: 8 Zone expander, 3A Smart PSU, Extra large case
  • ATS1210LE: 8 Zone expander, plastic enclosure
  • ATS1211E: 8 Zone expander, small metal enclosure
  • ATS1202: 8 Zone expander card (internal)
  • ATS1136: Secure Mifare Keypad with EV1/EV2 card reader
  • ATS1180: Secure Mifare DESFire EV1/EV2 card reader
  • ATS1181: Secure Mifare DESFire EV1/EV2 card reader (with keypad)
  • ATS1184: Secure Mifare DESFire EV1/EV2 card reader with keypad (compact, square)
  • ATS1740: RS485 databus isolator/repeater (internal)
  • ATS1744: RS485 databus 4 way isolator/splitter (internal)
  • ATS1810: 4 way relay output card (internal)
  • ATS1811: 8 way relay output card (internal)
  • ATS1451: Secure EV2 ‘sail’ keyfob – pack of 5
  • ATS1452: Secure EV2 clamshell card – pack of 5
  • ATS1455: Secure EV2 PVC card – pack of 10
  • ATS1457: Secure EV2 ‘teardrop’ keyfob – pack of 5
  • ATS1458W: Secure EV2 white silicone wristband – pack of 5
  • ATS1458B: Secure EV2 black silicone wristband – pack of 5
  • ATS1459: Secure EV2 ultra-robust keyfob – pack of 5
  • ATS1482: Mifare configuration card for ATS118x readers

Which other Carrier Products are CPNI approved?

The following is our full range of detection products that are approved for UK Government use.

  • Aritech EV1116AM: 16 metre Anti-mask PIR
  • Aritech VE1120AM: 20 metre Anti-mask PIR
  • Aritech DD669AM: 20 metre Ceiling Mount Anti-mask Dualtech
  • Aritech GS930: 8.5 metre Acoustic Glassbreak sensor
  • Aritech VV700RC: Seismic Sensor (C/O output)
  • Aritech VV700RA: Seismic sensor (N/C output)
  • Aritech DC111: Triple-biased Surface mount magnetic Door Contact
  • Guardall PQ15AM: 15 metre Anti-Mask PIR

Data sheets on all our CPNI approved products can be downloaded by clicking on the links above.

Please contact us via your local Account manager if you would like more details or a demonstration of our Advisor Advanced range.

Please contact CPNI if you are a CPNI Installer/Operator, and would like to establish the level of protection for any of the above products. For further information, visit




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