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CDVI Announces Integration for ATRIUM Access Control and ievo Biometrics

September 15, 2021

Following the successful acquisition of biometric recognition specialists ievo at the end of 2020, global security technology manufacturer CDVI has announced a new off-the-shelf integration for ATRIUM access control.

The integration allows sites operating an ATRIUM access control solution to seamlessly incorporate ievo fingerprint readers into the system. Users have their fingerprint data registered as an access credential within ATRIUM; when they present their finger to the ievo reader, the system identifies the user in ATRIUM and then grants or denies access depending on the user’s entry rights.

There are many benefits to using biometric readers. These include practical advantages such as the eradication of risk from lost or stolen access cards/tags and a decreased administrative burden thanks to rapid enrolment. Moreover, biometric data is exceptionally difficult to clone or steal, it cannot be shared between users, and the ievo readers’ advanced features ensure a high security solution. With no data stored on the read erhead and an option to encrypt data passed to the secure Interface Board, ievo makes high security biometrics easy.

“I am proud to announce the release of this new integration between ATRIUM and ievo. It will allow CDVI to offer high tech, high security solutions that protect data and make day-to-day management quick and simple. The integration is easy to use and requires just a single click to open the ievo fingerprint enrolment screen from within the ATRIUM software.” – Paul Ramsay, General Manager, CDVI UK

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