CDVI Releases New Accessible Toilet Lock System

CDVI has announced the release of the DW-TLC toilet door locking system for accessible toilets. Accessible toilets are not always easy to use for those who need them. This system is designed to remove the difficulty of dealing with handles and fiddly locks for people with limited dexterity.

Combined with a DIGIWAY automatic swing door opener, the system is activated with just a touch. The system consists of two activation units: one for outside the cubicle and one for inside.

Users touch the unit on the outside to trigger the door to unlock. Once inside with the door closed, the user touches the red square to instantly lock the door. An LED indicates that it’s locked and the user can feel safe and secure.

Additional features of the DW-TLC include:

  • MicroGuard™ anti-microbial coating to help combat the spread of infections
  • Key switch on external unit for emergency override function
  • Intelligent delay technology to stop accidental triggering
  • Integrated door contact with lock sensor




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