Dahua Announce Substantial New Features to their WizMind S Series Cameras

Substantial improvements in image performance, rich intelligent functions and the ability to perform in challenging environments are just some of the features of the new IPC WizMind S series cameras from Dahua Technology.

The image quality of the S series is substantially improved with Deeplight – a deep learning algorithm that reduces image noise in challenging low light environments – and WDR technology, which avoids inconsistencies between bright and dark areas, producing clearer images. In addition, time-division exposure technology provides clearer image snapshots when intelligent functions are being used.

Intelligent functions of the new S series include video metadata, which produces optimum images by detecting and capturing up to 100 targets simultaneously with 97% accuracy, while selecting the best images and relevant attributes. Smart sound detection alerts operators to incidents by recognising different sounds – such as a scream or breaking glass – while perimeter protection is enhanced with a superior algorithm model that detects targets with up to 99% accuracy.

Cameras in the WizMind S series are also highly resilient, supporting dual power backup (except the box camera models), enabling the camera to switch to an alternative power source without restarting or interruption, providing seamless coverage of a scene. Additionally, the H models in the series also offer P-iris for precise lens aperture control, as well as an anti-corrosion coating as a default for extra protection in highly corrosive environments, dual mic with a maximum 18m range and 80dB single sound source pickup. A heating function has also been incorporated, helping the unit withstand operating and storage temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60 °C. Resistant to water and vandalism, the cameras are certified to IP67 and IK10 protection standards (which may vary by model).

We are thrilled to be launching the IPC WizMind S series,” said Michael Lawrence, Marketing Director at Dahua Technology UK & Ireland.It sets new standards in image performance through the use of a deep learning algorithm and WDR technology. It also provides users with intelligent functions, such as optimum image capturing and smart sound detection.”


Packaging of the WizMind S series is plastic-free and is made from environmentally friendly materials and innovative packaging technology. It uses paperboard inserts made from recycled paper, plastic-free materials on the box surface and PLA material for the device and accessory cover bags. There’s also an eco-friendly, non-toxic protective box coating, which significantly reduces waste disposal costs and effectively promotes sustainable packaging.




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