Dahua unveils a pivotal upgrade to its Video Management Software

Dahua’s latest DSS Pro V8.3 enhancement equips security personnel with advanced tools, enabling them to rapidly identify and monitor suspicious individuals’ movements in just seconds. It is a cutting-edge Video Management Software (VMS) security solution designed for efficiency and scalability. It leverages users’ video security system to help them make informed decisions quickly and serves as the backbone of the operation.

The key upgrades primarily focus on integrating Dahua’s advanced algorithm, AcuPick Technology, which helps investigators save time in searching for and identifying people of interest. The feature also supports multiple user logins with specific permissions for up to 200 individuals simultaneously. Another feature is the remote-control capability, which enables security staff to monitor and track events from anywhere, whether they are on the move or at home.

The company predicts that this upgrade will foster digital transformation across various sectors and empower stakeholders from retail, residential and other sectors to become more digital and efficient.

Integrated Search Algorithm

Traditional security methods demand frame-by-frame analysis of hours of video footage. Now, with AcuPick, all searchable targets can be scanned instantly.

The search algorithm breaks up people and vehicle objects into feature values that are sent to the DSS platform for processing. DSS saves these feature values to its database and finds the target object by comparing the feature values.

Even without clear details, security staff can find and track a person or vehicle of interest using a single reference image. Upon selecting a person, individuals will instantly see a history of each appearance on all AcuPick-enabled cameras throughout the premises.

DSS Pro 8.3 streamlines the user experience, eliminating the need for lengthy training sessions. The process is as simple as installing AcuPick, selecting the target, viewing the desired thumbnails, and receiving video feedback instantly. 

Enhanced Workflow and Visualisation

DSS Pro V8.3 also introduces a clearer assignment system, simplifying the entire workflow. The workflow is divided into three groups – staff assignment, safeguarding doors, and the routes connecting the two. This allows users to easily see personal assignments for each door and personnel situation.

The company has improved its user interface to offer a more visualised and intuitive dashboard. This upgraded feature provides a comprehensive overview of peak times, equipment status, and other vital information, making it easier for stakeholders to manage their security systems.

Existing stakeholders enjoy these updates free of charge. While clients are required to purchase their own servers for data storage, data transfer during a DSS Pro upgrade is an additional cost.




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