Illuminated Call Point Cover

Manufactured in Ireland, the Alba Illuminated Call Point Cover ensures that the necessary illumination levels are achieved at manual call points as required by standard EN 1838.

It is quick & simple to install & achieves a uniform distribution of light over the front surface of manual call points. In addition to providing constant illumination the protective front cover safeguards the manual call point & reduces the risk of accidental false alarms.

The device acts as a universal solution for the broad range of manual call point brands.


1.0 – What is required in the Code of Practice?

A minimum of 5 lux vertical illuminance shall be provided at each fire alarm manual call point as required by Irish, British & European standards.

2.0 – Why is this requirement in the Code of Practice not adhered to?

Lux requirements at floor level are usually the only consideration at design stage.

Studies show that the minimum 5 lux vertical illuminance is not met at manual call points in an emergency lighting situation outside of daylight hours meaning the vast majority of buildings do not meet standard requirements.

3.0 – Why not use a low cost Emergency Light to resolve the issue?

Low end emergency lighting equipment will typically not meet the minimum lux requirements.

Emergency lights with higher lumen output or directional capabilities would be required & these lights cost more to purchase & install.

4.0 – The Alba device is not monitored. Is this an issue?

Emergency lighting systems are not required to be monitored.

5.0 – Will the current consumption of the device cause issues for the fire system?

Testing on existing sites in the Shannon region has provided very positive results with no issues reported.

6.0 – Does the Alba device affect fire standards for manual call points EN 54-11?

There is no conflict with EN 54-11 as the Alba device sits outside the fire manual call point & on top of the device. It has no impact on the fire manual call point construction or application.

7.0 – How will the Alba device affect certification of the Emergency Lighting System?

Normally the fire manual call point would be illuminated by the emergency lighting system if properly designed and installed.

It would only be necessary to certify the emergency lighting system with a variation to state that the fire manual call point is self-illuminated at all material times that it is operational.

8.0 – How will the Alba device be serviced and maintained?

Emergency lighting systems require annual testing.

The emergency lighting routine tests that the unit is operational and that it can provide the standby duration required (1 to 3 hours).

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