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Introducing SATEL XD-2 the multipurpose wired detector

September 15, 2021


XD–2 is a multipurpose wired detector, which can operate with any alarm control panel. XD–2 can work as: magnetic contact, shock detector, shock detector and magnetic contact, and waterflood detector.

The multifunctional XD-2 detector can interface with any alarm control panel.

Operating Modes: 

The detector can work with one of the 4 modes. The XD-2 has two additional operating modes at no extra cost – you can use just the magnetic contact (reed switch) disabling the shock, and has an optional fourth mode as a waterflood detector. So the benefit here is that you stock fewer SKUs in your van/workshops because one product does everything.

What is Included?

Together with the detector is supplied with two magnets for surface and recessed mounting.

Shock+Contact as 1 or 2 zones:

XD-2 allows you to quickly flip a DIP switch and choose whether you wire and program the shock + contact as a single zone at the panel or as two unique zones. This helps installers who may be running out of zone inputs and need to double up, or (for example) who want to use the magnetic contact as an entry/exit countdown zone but keep the shock as an instant zone for immediate alarm reporting on an attempt at breaking through the door.

Shock detection using an accelerometer:

XD-2 uses an accelerometer to measure shocks (same as AXD-20 and MXD-300). This is the new standard for shock detectors because of the accuracy of accelerometers (these are the components in your phones which know if your phone is portrait or landscape) – older style shocks had to be positioned perfectly to get a good detection rate and as a result, had a lot of false alarms.

More Modes, Magnets, Accuracy & Colours

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