KeyWatcher Touch

KeyWatcher Touch brings one touch key control to the KeyWatcher, one of our industry-leading key control cabinets. Our new big, bright 7″ touch screen key cabinets give you an easier-to-use interface. But that’s not all that’s new. We listened to you and made KeyWatcher Touch even more capable. The new KeyAnywhere feature enables you to return a key to any KeyWatcher in your enterprise. You can also locate which KeyWatcher a specific key is in, or determine who has it out, with the new KeyFind feature. We’ve also improved integration capabilities, along with many other convenient features. Of course you still get our patented SmartKey system, modular design and full scalability. We just keep making key management better. That’s Morse Watchmans’ outside the box thinking – right inside the box.

Available from Blue Wall Technologies Ltd. 




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