Luminite announce new annunciator to their Alertex range of wireless critical alerts

Luminite are delighted to announce the addition of a sleek new annunciator to their Alertex range of wireless critical alerts.  Powered by two lithium batteries the NXVS model works with all other Alertex units to provide a site wide vocal alert for lockdown, fire or any other hazard.

Users can choose from a library of pre-recorded messages or they can record their own via a PC and upload to the unit’s flash memory.  The memory size is 16MB which can store around 3 minutes of sound files.  Messages can be changed during an event so, for example, an all clear can be given after a lockdown alert message.  This function requires the Alertex PC app.

The annunciator is fitted with white flashing strobe lights which automatically turn on when the system is activated – this feature can be over-ridden if required.  A hard wired call point can be connected directly if needed or alternatively a wireless call point may be used.

The sound clarity is of CD quality with an adjustable decibel level up to 100dBa depending on vocalisation. The annunciator is fully waterproof and is suitable for internal and external use including damp locations such as swimming pools. NXVS units can also be used to form a standalone, rapidly deployable wireless speaker system for events, shopping centres, heritage sites and car parks to name but a few applications.

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