Luminite Electronics, manufacturer of the Nexus wireless alert system have added a call point only variant to the product range.

Wireless Call Point added to NEXUS Wireless Alert System from Luminite NXECP1 / NXICP1

Nexus is a battery powered wireless critical alert system, designed to provide a clear warning to an event requiring action.  The system boasts an impressive transmission range between units and a maximum of 64 units able to operate on one site.

The battery powered emergency call point integrates with all Nexus products and has been designed to be sited in those areas where a sounder/beacon may not be appropriate.

Available in blue, red or yellow, these call points can be used as part of a lockdown, fire or exclusion system.  When activated, the call point will trigger all Nexus units within a 500-metre range which in turn relay the alert using Luminite’s secure mesh protocol.

Self-contained and weatherproof to IP66 standard, the external call point NXECP1 as shown, can be fitted without the need for cables.  An internal variant NXICP1 is also available.

The unit is powered by a 3v lithium battery, already fitted and with an expected life of up to 4 years.

For more information contact Laura Grainger at Luminite on +44 208 368 7887 or visit

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