New dual camera technology is game changer for wide area surveillance

An innovative new camera unit combining panoramic scene overviews with detailed PTZ and tracking capabilities has been unveiled by Dahua Technology.

The X-Spans series integrates a 180o panoramic camera with a PTZ camera capable of zooming in and tracking objects and targets. This results in images consisting of a broad overview of a scene, together with close-up, detailed views of a person or object of interest.

The main features of the new range include long-range IR capability in low light conditions, 180o ultra-wide views and the ability to operate both in Combined Mode – where the panoramic and detail sensors work together to provide smart tracking capabilities – and Independent Mode, where the two channels function separately with different AI functions. By covering larger areas and viewing angles, an installation will typically require fewer cameras and less cabling, providing a cost-effective solution to monitoring a given area or site.

The X-Spans series provides the ultimate performance in dual camera technology and is set to empower the ability of users to monitor large and medium-sized spaces effectively and efficiently,” said Michael Lawrence, Marketing Director for Dahua UK and Ireland. “Its powerful simultaneous wide scene and detail tracking abilities make X-Spans a game-changer for this type of video surveillance.”

The X-Spans range includes:

  • Dual PTZ, featuring unauthorised parking detection, smart tracking, IP67 protection and built-in speaker
  • Digital Tilt Panorama for large areas, featuring unauthorised parking detection, smart tracking, face detection and ultra-wide panorama
  • Fixed Panorama for medium-sized areas, featuring perimeter protection, smart tracking, face recognition and video metadata
  • Manual Tilt Panorama, featuring perimeter protection, smart tracking, smart dual-light+ and TiOC (Three-in-One Camera) PTZ

For more information on the X-Spans range visit the Dahua website.




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