New security system health monitoring app provides additional revenue to installers

A new application for installers enabling them to earn extra revenue by monitoring the health of their customers’ security systems, has been launched by Dahua Technology.

DoLynk Care ( is a cloud-based tool for installers to add value to their customers by monitoring the health of a system in real-time, and alerting installers of any issues before they become a problem for their customers. If a device fails, the installation company receives immediate notification, enabling remote diagnosis and – if necessary – providing the necessary information for a single site visit to repair/replace hardware.

DoLynk Care sends notifications to web clients or mobile phones in real-time. It can be configured so that the person with the master account can then allocate end-user sites to specific engineers, in order that they receive only relevant alerts.

The application is used to configure an installation – without needing a direct connection to the system via a laptop – simply by logging into the DoLynk Care portal. Various devices can be added to the platform and they can be configured individually or configured in batches, showing individual camera feeds.

Then on handover to the customer, the installer stops having access to the feeds and can fully monitor the performance of the system, turning it into a helpful assistant rather than just a configuration tool. In addition to notifying installation companies of any faults, the system helps troubleshooting by giving possible solutions to each issue, turning errors into tasks on the web dashboard or mobile app.

The application is suitable for many small to medium projects such as residential, convenience stores, up to larger sites such as commercial or educational campuses.

DoLynk Care also enables installation company co-branding to the Dahua DMSS app, thereby increasing visibility to the customer.   Dahua is offering the application free-of-charge for up to 12 months and forever free for installation companies with up to 64 devices and up to 10 installation engineers.

DoLynk Care is an innovative application that provides installers with an additional revenue stream and reinforces the maintenance contract relationship with the end-user,” said Michael Lawrence, Marketing Director at Dahua Technology UK & Ireland. “More than just a configuration tool, it’s an interactive assistant which helps keep systems fault-free and running at optimum performance, while meeting and surpassing customers’ service expectations.




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