Pyronix makes changes to its Enforcer Kits

MCNANO-WE replaces MC1MINI-WE and Deltabell batteries changed to CR123A

Pyronix updates the contents of its Enforcer kits and announces new battery for its Deltabell security sounders.

Enforcer Kit update

Kits containing the MC1MINI-WE will be replaced with latest and smallest wireless door and window contact, the MCNANO-WE, following its wide success and popular demand.

Since its launch, our MCNANO-WE has proven extremely popular with installers. I’m pleased we’re now able to offer the MCNANO-WE in Enforcer Kits, giving a number of advantages to installers and end users,” said Laurence Kenny, Marketing Director.

The nano-sized contact delivers exceptional long-life security performance that’s designed to disappear with out-of-sight installation; though its aesthetic appearance and premium finish can both blend-in and complement any property as required.

Laurence continued: “Fitting inside the frame of a uPVC door, the MCNANO-WE is a simple-to-fit and highly convenient solution for any residential or commercial installation, and will be a great addition to our ever-popular Enforcer kits.”

The replacement of MC1MINI-WE with MCNANO-WE will cover:

•          Enforcer RKP Kits 1, 2

•          Enforcer Kits 1, 2, 3, 5

•          Enforcer Tablet Kits 1, 2.

Pyronix Enforcer kits contain the award-winning Enforcer V11 control panel and a range of security devices for residential premises in simple and cost-effective bundles.

Battery replacement

“We’re pleased to also announce we’re replacing the batteries that power our wireless Deltabell products with the more common CR123A battery,” said Laurence.

This change applies to new installations only, and the previous style battery will still be available through distribution for maintenance of the prior Deltabell-WE module. The newly redesigned Deltabell-WE (partcode: DELTA/MOD-WE2) will take 4x CR123A batteries.

Laurence added: “The redesigned Deltabell-WE with CR123A won’t affect functionality, but it will make maintenance and replacements easier, with installers being able to purchase these batteries in bulk through distribution with our CR123A VARTA multipacks.”

The Pyronix Deltabell range of wired and wireless security sounders provides a visual deterrent whilst being aesthetically appealing and is available in a choice of base and lid colours, allowing for a quick and easy fit that’s suitable for both commercial and domestic systems. Installers can brand the lids with their logo, for a uniquely branded experience across the whole Enforcer system.




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