VESTA fire alarm: the most flexible solution

The VESTA Alarm System integrates a wide variety of environmental detectors, whose main objective is to identify and notify a fire. In this sense, it is now possible to offer extra security with the VESTA fire alarm for the home, an effective and fully integrated solution in the most innovative and flexible intrusion system on the market.

VESTA Fire Alarm Detector Types

The extensive catalogue of VESTA products has various fire detectors that we can implement in the fire alarm, divided according to the type of sensor or technology used:

  • Optical: its aim is to detect fires by identifying smoke particles
  • Thermal: they are designed to activate the alarm when the ambient temperature reaches a previously established limit
  • Thermovelocimetric: they activate the alarm when they detect a rapid increase in ambient temperature in a given time
  • Combined: they are detectors that mix the previous technologies


The VESTA Alarm System goes one step further and offers combined fire detectors with the following features:

  • Fire (combined) + PIR for intrusion + fire siren
  • Fire (combined) + PIR for intrusion + fire siren + temperature sensor
  • Fire + CO + fire siren


Features of the VESTA fire alarm

Below we summarize some of the advantages that make VESTA the most flexible home fire alarm:

  • Wireless communication protocol F1
  • Stable VR communication up to 2km
  • Compatible with signal repeaters
  • Easy installation
  • Easy configuration via App SmartHomeSec or WEB
  • High-capacity batteries with long lifetime


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