VIDEX Introduces Lift interface for the Portal Plus Access Control System

Videx have strengthened their networkable access control system, Portal Plus, that supports proximity, keypads and bio access readers, by introducing a lift interface relay unit, the RB0408 enables the operation of a lift to be controlled by the access control system.

The lift interface relay unit enables the calling of the lift and the restricted use of the lift to users of the entry system. It can be used to enable the lift buttons, for instance, or allow direct floor selection. It’s an ideal access control solution for the management of a lift in both commercial premises and residential developments.

Key Features

  • The RB0408 includes 8 relays to control up to 8 floors. Using more than one RB0408, it’s possible to control lifts for up to 32 floors
  • The RB0408 also includes LED indication when a relay is active which is useful for an engineer to see which floors have access when a user operates a reader and four inputs to enable or disable and override the lift control
  • Users of the access control system can choose either an access code, proximity fob/card or their finger print to call the lift
  • Programming is carried out using the Portal Plus Pros CS management software where the lift control integrates seamlessly into user access level programming, enabling each user to be independently programmed so that they can gain entry to one or more floors based on their access rights and time restricted access
  • The lift controllers are simple to connect and setup, utilising an RS485 bus to connect to the Portal Plus EWSi controller and includes dip switches to address the unit. The unit can be added to the system control cabinet, directly wall mounted, or mounted on a DIN rail




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