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The CDVI Group is a global manufacturer of leading-edge security solutions, from online and standalone access control to locking, door automation, and next-generation biometric entry systems. CDVI offers high-quality, high-performance solutions that enhance security and improve mobility in any commercial or residential building.

With simplicity and ease of use at the heart of everything it does, CDVI solutions are easy to install and simple to operate. With free in-house training and detailed documentation available to all installers, it’s never been easier to bring security solutions to any project. When necessary, the friendly Technical Support team are on hand to provide expert advice and help make every installation successful.

Established in 1985 in France, the CDVI Group now operates in more than a dozen territories worldwide and employs over 250 people. The Group’s aim is to combine robust security with stylish aesthetic, delivering powerful solutions for every distributor, installer, specifier, and end user.

CDVI offers free installer training either in-house at our newly-refurbished High Wycombe facility or via webinar – book your session today

CDVI products meet the evolving needs of customers

With a full range of entry and security solutions ranging from ATRIUM access control and DIGIWAY door automation through to electromagnetic locking and 2EASY video entry, CDVI is the one-stop shop for any project.

We always strive to stay at the leading edge of technology in order to provide high-quality, high-performance products.

Our brand-new KRYPTO access control system offers full end-to-end AES128-bit encryption from secure web server to controller, controller to reader, and reader to card/tag. Designed to be the easiest high-security solution available, KRYPTO is quick to install, simple to operate, and easy to maintain.

Find out more about KRYPTO!

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