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Founded in 2006, GSD is the only manufacturer of Guaranteed Irish security devices on the market. Our aim is to give end users of our devices peace of mind regarding their home or premises and give installers peace of mind regarding their business. At GSD we’re eager to see our installer partners grow through the benefits and quality of our products and support. GSD are dedicated to better devices, a better experience for our installers and better more sustained growth for your business.


The GSD APP, Provides You With A Recurring Revenue Stream For Your Business



GSD Home Security App


Our latest piece of home security software, is the GSD home security App. Our app, is user friendly, sleek and is easily integrated with the GSD suite of Home Security products.


Not only is our App popular amongst home owners, it also provides you, the installer, with a recurring revenue stream that can help to grow your business. Contact us today to see how you can delight your customers and help grow your business, all with the GSD Home Security App.


Why work with GSD? For one, we take a slightly different view to our competitors…


We like to engage with installers and homeowners alike, and we like to do business in a way that benefits everyone.


We particularly want to see installers that work with us doing well in their communities. So what can we offer you that our competitors won’t?


⇒Marketing Support – We pass end user leads that come to us from all around the country, on to you


⇒Your first installation Commissioned – We’ll help you install your first GSD system


⇒Greater Profits –  Our products are competitively priced without compromising on quality


⇒Guaranteed Irish Devices – All Of our security devices are Guaranteed Irish, which makes them hugely popular with end users


⇒Free Training – We’ll take the time to make you and your team GSD experts


Local Technical Support


At GSD, we know that being an installer means working in high pressure scenarios, with tight turn around times and demanding customers.


Our technical support staff have a wealth of experience to help you get an installation done in a time efficient way and get to your next job.


Paul, one of our technical support agents, with over 30 years experience of working with alarm systems himself, summed up his day to day task of supporting GSD installers with his catchphrase.


If there’s pressure, it’s handled”. 


Paul is exactly the sort of person you’d want to have on the other end of the phone when there’s a problem that needs a quick solution. He’s been there, done it and isn’t phased by technical issues that can arise.


He might even inspire you with one of his action hero like catch phrases about pressure while you’re on a support call with him!


GSD Technical Support


The Guaranteed Irish Factor


Put Your Home Security in the hands of local people you can trust, with GSD.


When you choose GSD Home Security devices, your choosing to:


⇒Support local jobs
⇒Help to grow the local economy
⇒Help to grow local innovations
⇒Help to grow local business


You’ll also benefit from:


⇒Friendly local support
⇒Friendly local expertise
⇒Knowing where your security devices come from


Start your GSD journey today and experience security devices, made better for everyone




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