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About Us

At RE:SURE we are redefining what good security looks like for our customers. We continually leverage new technology and ever increasing electronic communications to provide security solutions that work to actually stop crime, not just alert it.

We look after everything that is precious to our clients – their businesses, their employees, their homes, and their families. Because of this, our mission is to provide all of our clients with the highest possible level of security and service. This means that they can rest assured that when they are not around their property, it is in safe hands with RE:SURE.

We offer not only the highest level of security, also a best in class level of service that gives all our clients what we refer to as Complete Peace of Mind. RE:SURE operates under the following five key principles:

  • Unparalleled Service
  • Best in Class Facilities
  • Highly Trained Experts
  • Accurate & Rapid Response Rates
  • State of the art Technology

If you are a PSA licensed installer and want to provide your customers with a high quality and reliable monitoring centre, please see further down the page. If you are a business or home owner looking for effective monitoring solutions, please continue reading:

Services offered

RE:SURE provides the following services to a large variety of users:

• CCTV Monitoring for businesses for real-time intruder detection and intervention  – learn more by clicking here

• RE:SURE Home – proactive security CCTV security that prevents break-ins –  learn more by clicking here

• Remote Access Control – decrease your operating costs by allowing 24-7 access to your site for a fraction of the price of a manned guard – learn more by clicking here

• Lone worker protection either via RE:SURE GO – our smartphone app that converts your phone into a personal safety device, connecting you to our 24-7 Control Centre – or by other more basic means, if required

• Intruder, fire and other alarm monitoring

RE:SURE is one of Irelands leading, truly independent Monitoring Centres. The company has no installation arm (hidden, or otherwise) and no shareholders that are involved in installations or have any further interests within the industry outside of RE:SURE. We believe in creating transparent and mutually beneficial relationships with our install partners. Unlike some other Monitoring Centres, we are not out competing against you on a day-to-day basis; rather we use the growing power of our brand to bring our installation partners work.

At RE:SURE we are 100% customer focused; we put the end user – your customer – at the centre of everything we do in order to provide them with a superb level of customer service. This is reflected in our incredibly low customer churn rates – we have lost no customers in two years.

We also believe RE:SURE  to be Ireland’s most innovative monitoring company. We have got two smartphone apps, RE:SURE GO (mentioned above) and RE:SURE I/O – a unique solution for remotely arming and disarming your security system. These two unique solutions create extra revenues for our Install Partners, differentiate them from their competitors, and help both companies with end-user retention.

Technical & Regulatory information

The company head office is based in Stillorgan Industrial Estate, Co Dublin, with the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre)  itself located in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone.  The RE:SURE ARC is a purpose built category 2 to EU Standard (EN 50518-1), meaning that it has – amongst other requirements – the following characteristics:

  • Emergency Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for 24 hours on the generator without re-fuelling
  • Failover ISDN lines and DIVA ISDN telephony cards
  • Accredited by the SSAIB (Reg. No. NIRE 073).
  • Accredited by the Private Security Authority of Ireland (Reg. No. 01792)

CCTV monitoring

This is the company’s speciality and in particular RE:SURE specialises in intruder detection using Advanced Video Analytics. In terms of CCTV platforms that we can monitor, we run Sentinel Plus so any system that is integrated into Sentinel, we can monitor. We bring in Avigilon Rialto in both ACC and Rialto format. In addition to this we currently run stand-alone systems for Davantis, Hikvision, Geovision, Tele-eye, PSS, Q-vis, IC-Realtime, Xtralis (Adpro or Heitel) and Dedicated Micros.

Alarm monitoring

For alarm monitoring we use the designed-for-purpose Sentinel Plus alarm receiving software. In our 2015 audit we had an average response time of 27 seconds to our alarms,  with 98.72% of all alarms actioned within 90 seconds, with 99.15% of alarms actioned within 180 seconds.

Dual path alarm monitoring for increased premises protection is carried out via CSL Dualcom, for which we have SIA capability. This means a more accurate response to an alarm going off (due to improved information on the signal). We are also able to take in the new GSD IP alarm panel.

Contact Us

Dublin Office: Heather Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin, D18 R9T3
Northern Ireland Office: A15 Kilcronagh Business Park, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, BT80 9HJ
P: 01 691 7100 P: 048 8676 1183

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