The Copper Switch-Off – Migration to VoIP & MSAN technology

Ireland’s Telephone Network is being moved over to VoIP services. Telephone exchanges are being changed over to MSAN technology monthly, to provide newer services. After 90% of customers in each area have been swapped to digital services the remaining 10% will be incentivised to do the same.

End-users are to be notified by their telephone line provider that the existing analogue service will be replaced with E-fibre. When this happens, services still utilising analogue, such as alarm systems, may not be able to send their signals correctly, causing issues. Moreover, if the analogue system does not receive an instant ‘hand-shake’ from the digital exchange, due to this change, it may continue to attempt sending the message, resulting in an increase in phone charges!

To ensure that systems continue to operate as they should, Security and Fire Installers should look to upgrade their customers to a reliable, fully digital solution. For more information about the Copper Switch-Off, as well as CSL’s potential upgrade options, please visit our Copper Switch-Off Hub:


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